Literary Works

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A new recording of the Ursonate and other sound poems by Kurt Schwitters

Andy Laties on Kurt Schwitters & Dada: Interpreting Ursonate

THE MUSIC SALON: Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate

On the Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters - a complete authentic recording is still unknown

Stare zwitschern Ursonate - und stellen damit das Urheberrecht in Frage

Reinhard Döhl, Akustische Poesie / Ein Exkurs

Reinhard Döhl, Kurt Schwitters' "Ursonate". Text als Partitur

About Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, by Jaap Blonk

Leigh Van Handel, "The Classic(al) Dada Work: Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate". An analysis of the Ursonate.

Eduard Mutschelknauss Zwischen literarischem Ferment und formal gebundener Klangstruktur: Kurt Schwitters Ursonate

Adachi Tomomi - Schwitters Variations

Yi-Ping Yang. URSONATE

Ursonate – cartoon version

Ursonate, a conversation between two birds, based on kurt schwitters' sound poem ursonate

Brian Eno samples Schwitters’ recording of the Ursonate 

The Danish composer Benny has made an audio version of the "Ursonate" by Kurt Schwitters.

DADAnti na MOtus festivalu

Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate 1. Part I (arrangement for 4 speakers by Alexis Agrafiotis)

Kinetic type piece using Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate

Ursonate – Christian Bok

Stephan Von Huene – Kurt Schwitters sound sculpture

Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate in four movements Ursonate performance/installation project at Warth Mill Industrial Estate, Bury 1 May 2011. With Jaap Blonk, Florian Kaplik, and Christopher Fox and Christian Bok

The Ursonate Urchestra performing Sonata In Primeval sounds in Rochester, NY.

Merz Jazz from Kurt Schwitters' "Ursonate"

The Ursonate on the PennSound project, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Krüger recites the Ursonate (and he‘s the Präsident der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung…!!!!!) (President of the Federal Agency for Civic Education)

An Anna Blume - ein Blog über 27 Sinne, 8 Fragen und 5 Farben

An Anna Blume - Finfilm

Anna Blume, Animationsfilm von Jonathan Auch, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

An Anna Blume, Video von Markus Schwarz und Daniela Kohlmaier erstellt mit found footage

A film based on and inspired by "An Anna Blume" (Director: Vessela Dantcheva)

A film based on and inspired by the emblematic love poem "An Anna Blume"

An Anna Blume, a Dada love poem by Kurt Schwitters. Music by Astor Piazzolla.

Anna Blume on YouTube

Moving Poems – Anna Blume


Weimar Studies Network:
Research on the history, culture and society of the Weimar Republic

Lutz Görner - Lyrik für Alle - Kurt Schwitters

Christian Bachmann: "densinngebeichnunmehrzugunstendesunsinnspreis". Kurt Schwitters und seine typographischen Erzählungen

Kurt Schwitters - works in Dada publications

Kurt Schwitters on Ubuweb

Happiness: Text by Kurt Schwitters from the book "Lucky Hans & Other Merz Fairy Tales," published by Princeton University Press. Translated and Performed by Jack Zipes.

Sándor Vály feat. Nea Lindgrén - The Critics

Patrizia McBride: Montage and Violence in Weimar Culture: Kurt Schwitters’ Reassembled Individuals

Articles on Kurt Schwitters by Reinhard Döhl

A recording of Sneezing Poem and Cigarren

Listen to a selection of poems by Kurt Schwitters

The Merz journals online, from the International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Kurt Schwitters – quotes (in German)

Kurt Schwitters, ‘The Onion (Merzpoem 8)’, translated by Peter Wortsman, Cambridge Literary Review, I/3 (Easter, 2010), pp. 109–115.

"Phan" by Kurt Schwitters, read by Ollie Evans

Stare zwitschern Ursonate - und stellen damit das Urheberrecht in Frage

Doppelmoppel and other poems: Egon Hofmann inszeniert den Dadaisten Kurt Schwitters

Two Dada artists' books by Kurt Schwitters from 1919 and 1922

Banalities Translated from the Chinese, by Kurt Schwitters.

A selection of literary works on Ubuweb: Sound (N.B. Kurt Schwitters never recorded the Ursonate in full)


Sneezing poem – Christian Bok and Jaap Blonk

Collage and Assemblage


Sublime snippets: Kurt Schwitters at Tate Britain - in pictures

Kurt Schwitters: Mz 199, 1921

Reliefs and Assemblages: Kurt und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung

Collages: Kurt und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung

BBC Your Paintings: Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters on WikiPaintings

Kurt Schwitters on Tumblr

A slide show of collages by Kurt Schwitters - from the New York Times


Kurt Schwitters, Carnet de Nina Kandinsky,  1924, Centre Pompidou.

An analysis of Kurt Schwitters’ collage Cottage (1946)

An analysis of Kurt Schwitters' 'Opened by Customs'

Looking at Schwitters’ collage WA

For Hartmann, 1922

An analysis of Kurt Schwitters’ collage Wenzel Kind

Kurt Schwitters - Forces disloquées, Collage Merz, 1920

Picture of Spatial Growths - Picture with Two Small Dogs  1920-39

Miss Blanche, 1923

Hansi, 1918

Die Frühlingstür, Merzbild, 1938

Merz 1925, 1. Relief in the Blue Square, 1925

Merzbild Kijkduin 1923

Entrance Ticket (Mz 456) 1922

Picture from 8 Sides 1930 and 1936

Kurt Schwitters’ The Holy Night by Antonio Allegri (1947) & Antonio Allegri da Correggio’s The Holy Night (1529-1530)

Helmut Allemand, Bunte Zeitungsfetzten – an analysis, KSUK Newsletter Feb. 2013

Antony Dobson, Some thoughts on ‘Young Earnest’, KSUK Newsletter Feb. 2013

Edel Sheridan Quantz, Ich bin der Künstler…’: Kurt Schwitters and Mollling’s "awful" illustrations. KSUK Newsletter May 2013

Gwendolen Webster, Some notes on Das Huthbild, KSUK Newsletter April 2012

The Merzbauten

More on the Merzbauten under Research.

Merzbau Hannover

Dr Isabel Schulz from the Kurt Schwitters Archive, Sprengel Museum, talks about Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau

Andrew Laird: The Destruction of the Merzbau in October 1943

Lawrence Lek: The Installation as Aesthetic Object and Institutional Critique

Gwendolen Webster, "The Reception of the Merzbau."

Gwendolen Webster, Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau, Ph.D. diss, Open University, Milton Keynes, 2007.

Der Merzbau: Ernst Schwitters, der Sohn des berühmten Künstlers, über dessen Lebensprojekt.

Isabel Schulz: Bruchkekse im Chaos

The installation and de-installation of Peter Bissegger's "Reconstruction of Kurt Schwitters' Hannover Merzbau", 1981-83 at the Menil Collection, Houston
Video of the installation and de-installation. Images were captured every fifteen seconds, then played back at fifteen frames a second.

Reconstructing the Merzbau at Berkeley Art Museum, California July 2011
Video of the installation.

MoMA video - reconstructions of Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau and El Lissitzky's Prounenraum (Proun room)

A walking tour of Peter Bissegger’s Merzbau reconstruction

Merzman - Bob Dickinson’s blog ‘Up Against the Anodyne


The Hjertoya Project
Short video about the Project.

Charles Darwent - Kurt Schwitters' live-in sculpture lures pilgrims to the fjords

The Merz Barn Elterwater

Some remarkable close-ups of the Merz Barn wall in Newcastle

A video about the Merz Barn Wall in the Hatton Gallery Newcastle

Fred Brookes explains the Merz Barn

Schwittershed: Kurt Schwitters’ last work and his new Tate exhibition

A video of the Merz barn wall in Newcastle. by Helen Petts

Moving the Merz Barn
Full text of an article originally written by Fred Brookes in 1966 and published in Quarto, Abbot Hall Art Gallery Bulletin in 1967. Re-edited in 2002.

The remarkable journey of Schwitters' Merz Barn
Details of a Project in 2008 which pieced together the steps and retraced the route taken by the wall from Elterwater to the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle.

Kurt Schwitters: The Merzbarn and its Lake District Legacy

Heritage Photo Archive - Kurt Schwitters‘ Merz Barn

Ten Things You May Not Know About Kurt Schwitters and the Merz Barn Wall


Kurt Schwitters, Untitled, or Opening Blossom (1942-5)

Kurt und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung

Haus Merz

Portraits and Landscapes

Art UK – Kurt Schwitters

TateShots: Kurt Schwitters's Portraits

Kurt Schwitters’ Portrait of Fred Uhlman at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle

Other Artworks

Drawings and watercolours by Kurt Schwitters (Kurt and Ernst Schwitters Foundation)

Anna Blume and I – Drawings by Kurt Schwitters (exhibition guide)

Isabel Schulz und Matthias Frehner, Kurt Schwitters als Zeichner. Eine Einführung

The Critic (rubber stamp drawing)

Films and Documentaries

Commentary on Marcel Broodthaer's film La Clef d'Horloge, in honour of Kurt Schwitters
(from Deborah Schultz, Marcel Broodthaers: Strategy and Dialogue, p. 40)

Tate Archive video - A film about Kurt Schwitters' internment on the Isle of Man

The making of London Onion

BBC Radio Four - Merzman: The Art of Kurt Schwitters. Broadcast 9th January 2012.

Kurt Schwitters day at Henie Onstad Art Centre

Merz: Kurt Schwitters (The Roland Collection of Films on Art)

Videos of Merzonic at the Merz barn, Elterwater, 17 September, 2011: and

On 20 November 2011, Thomas Hirschhorn's KURT SCHWITTERS PLATFORM opened at Waldhausenstrasse 5, on the site of Kurt Schwitters’ house in Hannover (destroyed in an Allied bombing raid, 1943). Go to Interview with Thomas Hirschhorn about his Kurt Schwitters Platform (in German)

Audio Files

Kurt Schwitters: Tondokumente

Christopher Fox – Merz Sonata

Charles Amirkhanian traces developments in 20th century text-sound composition

Tape 4 of an 11 Tape series of a class taught by Allen Ginsberg on Expansive Poetics

Mikhail Lezin - Orthogonal coordinates (2010)

Anne Waldman chairs a Naropa Summer Writing Program colloquium on surrealism with Jack Collom, Allen Ginsberg, and others.

Sound generated by audacity from phonetic transcription of the cadenza of Kurt Schwitter's "Ursonate."

Section 1 of Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate played back using phonetic fragments from multiple Ursonate performances.

A Celebration of International Dadaism, by Taped Rugs Productions

Dada for the 21st Century, by Charles Rice Goff III


Kurt Schwitters: Portrait of a starving artist

Klaus Mynek - Hannover in der Weimarer Republik und unter dem National Sozialismus 1918-1945

Brian Eno - Kurt's Rejoinder - 1977- Written & Produced by Brian Eno

Kurt Schwitters: Portrait of a starving artist

Kurt Schwitters – Artist or Madman?

Sound as Art as Anti-environment

'Man kann nie wissen' - Kurt Schwitters' grave in Hannover

Lissitzky’s fragmented double portrait of Schwitters

Anna-Blume-Brunnen von Max Sauk, 1986, Mühlenberger Markt, Hannover Mühlenberg

Kurt Schwitters on Wikipaintings

Christopher Butterfield/Kurt Schwitters – Music For Klein And Beuys / Ursonate / Pillar Of Snails

Hannah Höch and Kurt Schwitters, Anti-Revue, Worse and Better, watercolours

"Man verheirate z.B. die Wachstuchdecke mit der Heimstättenaktiengesellschaft": Klaus Stadtmüller on Schwitters

The Kurt Schwitters Dada Box

Raoul Hausmann - Kurt Schwitters and I Write an Opera at the Movies

Exploring the ideas of Kurt Schwitters in Manchester

Kurt Schwitters Alley

Kurt Schwitters meets Mozart

Kurt Schwitters – Biografie (in German)

Kurt Schwitters – the Open Library

Other Interesting Links

MERZ-Ausflug Paul Bowles begegnet Kurt Schwitters

Hannah Höch (video)

A selection of Modernist journals online

The Hans (Jean) Arp Museum, Rolandseck, Germany

An interview with John Elderfield

Individual artists
Theo van Doesburg, by Alied Ottevanger
Naum Gabo as a Soviet Émigré in Berlin, by Christina Lodder
An article on Hannah Höch
Rachel Whiteread – Kurt Schwitters Install

Art movements and genres
Alfred Brendel: The Growing Charm of Dada
Was ist Dada? Gespräch mit Hannah Bergius
The Dada Companion
Dada and Modernist magazines
The MIT Press October Dada issue
G - an example of the cross-fertilisation of Dada and Constructivism in the early 1920s
Hanne Bergius - Aspects of Dada's reception since the later 1950s.
Dada in the Press
Documents of Dada and Surrealism: Dada and Surrealist Journals in the Mary Reynolds Collection
Dada manifestos
Dada at MoMA Digital Dada Library
FLUCHTWEGE: Johannes Baader, der Oberdadal
Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich
Recent books on Dada
Dadaism. The Newest Cult – Abolish Everything, Daily News 1920.
German Artists and Dada – a film from 1969
Dada on CD
The ABCs of DADA – Hans Richter talks about the Dada movement
Dada – Europe after the rain

Bruno Taut: The City Crown (1919)
Bruno Taut: Die Stadtkrone (1919)

Pictures from the Kurt Schwitters Exhibition in Mexico City, 2003

Reviews by Schwitters‘ contemporaries
Christof Spengemann, Die Wahrheit über Anna Blume: Kritik der Kunst, Kritik der Kritik, Kritik der Zeit. Hanover: Zweemann, 1920
Christof Spengemann, Nichts Neues
Christoph Spengemann – Publikus
Christof Spengemann - Merz - die offizielle Kunst
Christoph Spengemann Hannoversches